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Naturally Balanced Health

Hi, I’m Martina. Do you have symptoms that are holding you back in life? 
I’m here to help you identify and heal the root causes. Contact me to find out how I can help you.

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Guiding You On Your Journey To Naturally Balanced Health

Through my own personal journey to regain my health I have observed the need for natural healthcare that gets to the root cause of health issues rather than treating the symptoms. 

Kinesiology and Bowen are both non-invasive therapies that help restore balance in the body. 

I specialise in Autoimmune disorders and my passion is to educate each generation in how to honour their personal wellbeing. I love Kinesiology as it’s unique to the individual. 

I believe when the body functions as an integrated whole that everyone has the potential to heal themselves.

Health is the greatest possession that we have. 

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I love what I do and am truly grateful seeing the transformational changes that clients have achieved. It enables them to get their life back and lead their best possible life.

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With You Every Step of the Way


Bowen therapy is a unique therapy that applies gentle rolling type movements over specific areas of the body for the purpose of eliminating pain and restoring function.  It is mostly a very light touch to release restrictions in the soft tissue of the body allowing hard structures to realign and nerves to decompress.


(Pronounced ‘Kin-easy-ology’)
Kinesiology is a form of muscle testing to determine imbalances within the body’s natural energy field. Long-term imbalances within the body’s energy field can lead to physical disease.


Clean Beauty You Can Trust. Products are thoughtfully crafted to harness the vitality of nature and work in harmony with your body’s own restorative abilities.

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I’m passionate about helping my clients to rebalance their health and facilitating them to make the changes required to help with their health challenges. Contact me today to learn more and book a session.

Strictly by appointment only 

07966 568488

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Symptoms are not enemies to be destroyed, but sacred messengers who encourage us to take better care of ourselves.

Jon Gabriel 

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