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Naturally Balancing Your Health


Hi, I’m Martina and I’ve had an interest in natural health and wellbeing since my early twenties. 

At the age of 40 I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition which gave me numerous answers as to why I’d been struggling physically, experiencing significant digestive issues and severe skin sensitivities.  


This is how my personal journey started. Despite being in shock at the diagnosis I was very relieved when the consultant was reluctant to put me on medication. This gave me the opportunity to look at ways that I could help myself. I started delving and researching into what natural therapies could help me with my MS diagnosis. 

I started looking into natural ways to help heal myself. My Aunty mentioned to me about Bowen Therapy and how it had helped her. I felt so energised afterwards, it reduced my inflammation and helped with my balance. Shortly afterwards, whilst visiting my chiropractor there was a leaflet about food sensitivity testing. I had done extensive research into natural ways of dealing with MS and had started my nutritional therapy course. 

“I knew that I needed to find out which foods I was sensitive to.” 

This had been a real stumbling block as I didn't know how to approach this. Kinesiology was the ideal solution as I found not only the answers I was looking for but also support on my way back to health. 


I completed a Nutritional Therapy Diploma course with The Health Sciences Academy in 2017. Thereafter I trained with The College of Bowen Studies in Bowen Technique in 2019 whilst starting my kinesiology foundation training alongside. In March 2022, I completed my Kinesiology Diploma with the Kinesiology Association after three years of training. I love and regularly do CPD courses to gain further knowledge and integrating this into my practice. This allows me to pass on the very best service to you, all backed up by the latest research. 

I love what I do and am truly grateful seeing the transformational changes that clients have achieved. It enables them to get their life back and lead their best possible life. 

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